What type of coffee character are you?

Babette! I wanted to know more about her, she was the only character not fleshed out as well as the others. Which makes sense since the story was told in first person by the brother not married to her.

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Ep.32 —
Permanent café in your home. Always perfect!

Nov 24th 2017 in Podcast

Choose your favorite kind of coffee or tea, pop in the coffee pod and out comes the fresh cup of your choice or simply get a cold brew coffee maker on amazon. It doesn’t get any easier than that. No more pots to clean. No more wasted coffee. You simple get a hot, fresh cup of coffee or tea at the touch of a button.

And most One Cup Coffee Makers automatically eject the used coffee pod into a trash bin in the Pod Coffee Maker, so no cleaning up is required!

Another name for One Cup Coffee Makers is Pod Coffee Makers or even Single Cup Coffee Makers. Some Espresso Machines use pods as well.

“ However, these makers do often require plumbing in.”